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Featured Events

College Park
Stem Night

March 15, 2023

On March 15th, with the help of College Park Elementary School's PTA, the Irvine Steminists were able to join their STEM night. Young scientists were able to participate and learn about the different projects presented for them in particular bridge building and the science behind it.

Irvine high
stem night

March 23, 2023

On March 23rd, the Irvine Steminists hosted another STEM night at Irvine High School. Five guest speakers all involved in the STEM field discussed their field, struggles, roadblocks, successes, and career choices. Students were able to participate in a Q&A with the speakers, answering pending questions they had regarding their own future in the STEM field.

Cadence Park space day

April 15, 2023

On April 15th, the Irvine Steminists were invited to participate in Cadence Park's Camp Cadence event. This event explored different types of science as well as exploration with nature. The Steminists hosted different activities for the young scientists. They were able to create and design their own bottle rockets as well as create beaded bracelets that followed the order of the solar system. The Steminists were able to guide, teach, and help the aspiring young generation about astrology and the world beyond Earth. 

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